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Administrative Records Request (GR 31.1)

Washington General Court Rule 31.1, effective January 1, 2016, governs Public Access to Court Administrative Records.  Yakima County Superior Court is committed to providing an open responsive process for handling public record requests. If you would like to submit such a request, or if you have questions about your rights to access court administrative records, please read the information provided below.

How to Submit a Request

You may submit a completed Administrative Records Request Form to the court in any one of the following ways:

   1.  ElectronicPublic Records Request Portal  Yakima County has implemented this Portal to make the request process more efficient and transparent.   If you choose to use the Portal the other methods do not apply.


   2.  In Person:  Yakima County Courthouse

                    Superior Court Administration

                    Room 314 on the 3rd floor.

  Administrative Record Request Form (Spanish)


  Administrative Record Request Form (English)

Please note that your request MUST be in writing and must include your name and contact information as well as a description of the records you are requesting. You will receive a response from the court within five (5) business days from our receipt of your request.  The response will include:


  • The estimated time needed to produce the records or a first installment of the records;
  • Requests for clarification, if needed and
  • An estimate of research, preparation and dissemination costs for requests requiring more than 1 hour of staff time to obtain and prepare.


There will be a photocopying or scanning charge of fifty-cents per page.  In addition, after the first hour, thirty dollars per hour will be charged for staff time to process your request.  All fees are due prior to the release of the records and can be paid at the Superior Court Administrator's Office, Room 314.

Please submit your Cashier's Check or Money Order payment to: 

Yakima County Superior Court

Attn: Bobbie Brady

128 N. 2nd St. Rm. 314

Yakima, WA 98901



Appeals Process

If you wish to appeal the Public Records Office's decision(s) on your request, you must file an appeal as outlined in GR 31.1.

Internal Review

You may appeal the decision of the Public Records Officer within ninety (90) calendar days. To initiate a review, please submit a completed Request for Review form using one of the following methods:

Mail:  Yakima County Superior Court

          Attn: Bobbie Brady

          Administrative Records Officer

           128 N. 2nd Street, Room 314

           Yakima, WA 98901

In Person: Yakima County Courthouse

                   Superior Court Administration

                    Room 314 on the 3rd floor.

The record will be reviewed by the Presiding Judge or designee of the Yakima County Courts. In most cases, you will receive a response within five (5) business days from the date the request for review was received or the earliest practical date that the Presiding Judge or designee can review your appeal.

External Review

If you are not satisfied with the decision of the internal review, you may choose one of the following options for an external review:

  • File a civil action in Superior Court to challenge the decision.
  • Requests an informal review by a visiting judge, delegated by the Presiding Judge.

The request must be submitted within thirty (30) days of the response from the first review.

Resources for Obtaining or Answering Questions about Court Records

Please note that this page addresses access to court administrative records. For information on how to access court case records, please visit either the Superior Court Clerk's website or the District Court Clerk's website.

For an overview of the law governing access to court administrative records, read this guideline for Obtaining Administrative Public Records

If you have questions, concerns, complaints, or requests for additional information regarding administrative records requests for the Yakima County Superior Court, please contact the Superior Court Administrative Records Officer, Bobbie Brady.
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